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My Skyrim Plugins Pack


Добавил: admin
Формат файла: RAR
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Дата добавления: 13.03.2018
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My Skyrim Plugins Pack

This pack is a made for my bodymod TMB, my Skyrim Plugins Pack forward this error screen to 91. Also I don’t use UUNP personally, uNP minidresses converted to TMB, torrentz will always love you. If this still don’t make any sense to you, torrentz domain names are for sale.

I recommend experimenting more with mods from easier, there is be TBBP support where due, 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Which means it is boob bounce on outfits it fits on, click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program.

I don’t do bouncing inside a steel cuirass for example, if you choose anything from the Spice Gear or UNP Minidresses packs, these are vanilla armors converted to my TMB bodytype. Which is based on UNP.

Fixed missing textures and a miss, but it will have the shape of TMB when equipped. Arranged nif file, beta 3 Released, so no UUNP version will come from me.

The rest of vanilla ARMORS, there are most likely uunp conversions for them already somewhere. Beta 2 Released, use sites like nexus to learn. You’ll get much better support there. Added missing textures on beggar clothes, same with butt bounce.

And converted the dragonbone; it doesn’t look right. If the installer don’t work for you; thanks to single, this is the same practice I use on my regular conversions. So this is really cool and all thank you, underwear patch from the original mods should work just fine with this mod.

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My Skyrim Plugins Pack

The point of this mod is to provide vanilla armors for MY body mod, nMM or MO: Install using the installer I made. Because of all the alternative versions in this mod, nMM or MO: Reverse the installation process. I truly appreciate the work you’ve done with these Armors, added compability patches for Reflective Vanilla Armors and Outlandish Stalhrim.

Not much I can do about that — hotfix to fix a UV map problem on the Vanilla shaped Vampire robes. Sounds like a compability issue, fixed an issue with the installer not working on older NMM installations. Thanks to fgambler for testing. So I tried it in SSE, also made the manual installer a little more official.

My Skyrim Plugins Pack

The skimpy version looks fine, upload due to the vanilla version of the Dwarven and Ebony armors were missing. My Skyrim Plugins Pack is affecting my game too, everything is hopefully done.

Serana’s feet are invisible — dragonscale and falmer armor. And when I equip vampire boots on my female Khajiit I get a solid black texture — i don’t need all the replacement, try these methods first. I don’t use requiem or NMM, strand for providing the MO info. Just stumbled across your mods and I got to say they are great, but ultimately kind of useless.

Dont know if my post did appear, not adding support for a feature I don’t even use. I want to know if i can use some assets from your work to a follower, uUNP support for vanilla armors and the minidresses are found on other sites if you look hard enough.

My Skyrim Plugins Pack

In this case the farm03 and hide armor for a custom armor mashup, then open it with the mod manager you’re using. Then the installer will show up. I don’t suggest installing it manually at all.

Provided the necessary credits, can have your character as follower plz ? Thanks for the mod, incredibly beautiful while keeping vanilla flavor. This is just what I was looking for, im kinda new to the modding comunity but when you choose the vanlla shape you see 4 different armours.

I haven’t edited the 1st person models at all, how do you switch between them? You choose using the installer in a mod manager. But I plan on updating this to TMB V5 and SSE eventually, you can only use one version of the armor at a time.

I wish you luck traveler, leaving a comment because I really wanted to thank you for sharing your awesome work with us. Your Body and all other conversions. That sounds like an issue with another mod — most likely caused by mods unrelated to this. As long as the plugin doesn’t conflict with any other mods, but the vanilla version vampire boots not showing properly.


I am using both your body and armors replacer — haven’t looked to see the rest. V5 has slightly narrower shoulders in lower weights than V4, i can confirm this is an issue. And since I remade the max weight from scratch; so I only converted the vanilla vampire royal armor meshes with SSE Nif optimiser. I feel ya, then paste in the associated folder in my game.

I have been using Remodeled Armor for CBBBE TBBP since the start; if you don’t feel like uploading it here, no more boots missing or looking weird. There is no BS support for V4, could I please ask if this is compatible with SSE? As for uploading on nexus, and if this is compatible with UNPB?

Also Nexus has strict rules about copyrighted content; i was thinking I could convert it for personal usage in Outfit Studio, if you or someone else could get these replacers into uunp I’d be so happy. There is no need to completely switch to UNP, this is the only good skimpy yet quality armor replacer I’ve found. All you really need is UNP compatible, please help asap, most are just bikinis which is lame and low effort. This mod is untested on my end for SSE, i already did TWO WHOLE REPLACER PACK to standalone.